Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being creative!!

Last night after I made brats on the grill, I looked at the empty beer cans left over from par-boiling the brats and had an ah-ha moment. I remembered an episode on the Scrapbook Lounge where I watched Michael Strong use an aluminum can as a piece of metal to use as embellishments. So I had my husband cut the top and bottom off the cans and there you have some soft aluminum to emboss.
So I took the "sheets" of metal and ran them through my Cuttlebug. The "LOVE" card was run through in a full sized Cuttlebug embossing folder and then colored with Alcohol inks. I use a Heidi Swapp stamp with chalk in. (I'll be honest...I haven't done the inside of the card yet LOL.) This will end up being my mom and stepdad's wedding anniversary card.

This card I made for my husband's ex-wife's birthday. (Yes I know that sounds's a long story, we all knew each other years before...) Anyway, I took three pieces of the "metal" and first cut the stamps shape with the Cuttlebug and the stamp die. Then I put each individual piece into a small Cuttlebug embossing folder. I started out to just play with this whole embossing metal thing and really liked how they turned out...and this is how I put it together :)
I work on a card project or a scrapbook project nearly everyday. Some days it's because I have a deadline, and some days it's because I have a creative urge. Last night the mojo (urge) was strong and I came up with both of the cards. I guess sometimes the creative juices just flow more fluidly than others:)
Now back to finishing the anniversary card and then on to making Hailey's scrapbook from her vacation in Vermont. It's my birthday present to her. So off I go!! See you soon!!
Go get inky!!


Lynda said...


I love what you have done with the beer cans. I've worked a little with soda cans and have been wanting to work more with them. Thanks for the inspiration.

Daria said...

I love your cards. The first one is beautiful, and the second one is fun. Thanks for an idea for using those smaller embossing folders. I love your metal samps.

BTW, your relationship with your husband's ex-wife doesn't sound strange at all. My kids have a great step-mother.