Friday, July 6, 2012

Scrapbooking on a shoe string

So often I hear people talk about how expensive it is to scrapbook. Like anything, it CAN be, but it doesn't HAVE to be. In reality, there are only a few necessities that you have to spend money on.

  • You have to have a way to crop your photos and cut your paper
  • You have to have a way to adhere your pictures to your pages and in essence build your pages
  • You have to have some kind of pretty paper
  • You have to have something to write  your journaling with, even it all you journal is names, dates and places
Lets break these "necessities" down.

  • Something to crop your photos and cut your paper
You can use a pair of scissors for any and all of that. You can buy any multitude of of paper trimmers and the price tag shouldn't necessarily be the deciding factor. I have three pairs of (straight edge) scissors and at least five paper trimmers. Because I scrapbook and make cards a lot, it made sense for me to invest in a trimmer that doesn't dull with frequent use. I bought a Purple Cow combination trimmer that has a rotary trimmer and a guillotine trimmer for around $60. I worked my way up from the very basic trimmers and found myself having to replace the blades too often. Not having to constantly replace blades off set the overall cost of the trimmer very quickly for me. I found the same with scissors. My CutterBee's weren't cheap, but I've had them for probably 10 years.

  • A way to adhere your photos to the pages and to build your pages
Adhesives can be looked at the same way. I was buying tape runners at WalMart (which I still do on occasion) and they are relatively inexpensive.  However, when you  are using them as much as I do, it seems every time you turn around you need a refill. So, I invested in a Scotch 3M ATG (adhesive transfer gun) and after the initial investment (I think it was about $25) the refills are quite reasonable online. I still use liquid adhesive for some applications and usually use Arlene's Tacky Glue. It's inexpensive, easy to find and made for paper crafts. It adheres really well too, once you let it dry.

  • Here's a big one PAPER
Oh all the pretty papers!! I've learned to discipline myself to buy the DCWV (Die Cuts With a View) paper stacks from JoAnn's when they go on sale for 40%-50% off or when I have a coupon. I only buy paper by the "sheet" when I need something very specific. I also buy my white and black cardstock at WalMart  as that seems to be the most cost effective route and I use a lot of both. If I need a lot one color (say for making Christmas cards) I typically go to and buy it in bulk. I also "force" myself to use what I already have. I don't take my pictures into Archivers with me to match papers with themes or colors, because I'm sure I already have something that will work in my stash or at the very least I can MAKE work. (It also stretches your creativity if you make yourself use what you have.

  • What to write with
What you write with is important too. If you do all your journaling on the computer you need to make sure the ink you are using is acid free. If you hand write your journaling or do a combination, you still need to make sure whatever you are writing with is acid free. You don't need to have a pen in every color. Yes, it's fun and pretty, but a black acid free pen will still get the job done.

The point of all of this is that you can spend as much or as little as you want. I have a Cricut Expressions electronic die cutting machine ($300 when they first came out) and more cartridges than I'd like to admit, but I card making and scrapbooking are my PASSION. Rarely a day goes by that I'm not working on some project.

Basically, before you buy the newest and coolest anything, you have to decide how often you ware going to use it. Just like that pair of shoes that your REALLY like, you have to think about when and how often you are really going to wear them.

Yes, I have A LOT of scrapbooking stuff. But I've been collecting all of it since 2001. I didn't go out and buy it all in one shot. I bought stuff on clearance, on sale, with gift get the point.

Please feel free to comment and/or ask any questions. I would love all my blog posts to be interactive. And as always, you can email me at

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Oh how I would like to crawl back under the sheets for a few more hours as it's so grey and rainy!! I'll be honest, sunshine is a HUGE motivator for me and well as creative inspiration. I seem to be more creative when I can see the sun!! BUT...the show must go on!

So, I'm writing this post, and then heading to the studio to get somethings done before it's time to get ready to go to work. What I really wanted to share with you was the first thing I did in the new studio start to finish...

This was for our dear friend Danielle's new little baby. The picture doesn't really show how the colors pop, but at least you can see it.

Now off to go be makes my day brighter!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Find your THING, it will ROCK your WORLD!

WOW!! Lots going on and not a lot of time to sit down and blog about it. But I'm trying!! LOL

The biggest bit of news for Snips of Time is that I've (and therefore the studio) has moved! As is typical of, it was just a move of a few miles...but the studio now has it's own room and since I started working on unpacking it and putting stuff away just Monday, it's coming along nicely. My goal is to be able to be able to work in it come Friday evening at the latest. It's been KILLING me not to be able to create these past few weeks.

This lack of time (and place) for creativity has really brought me to what I want to blog about today. I have really learned what a huge part of being creative means to my life. There are a lot of people in my life who say things to me like "it's so nice that you scrapbook" or "isn't that sweet that you make your own greeting cards." I can almost hear in their voices "why would you waste your time cutting up bits of paper?!" But here's the deal people...I NEED to do it. There are so many parts of myself (as is really true for everyone) that can't be expressed at work, or in my "day-to-day" life, so to speak. My paper crafting, my "hobby" is what allows me to express what I need to express. My husband will attest to this...without my scrapbooking, or at the very least creating SOMETHING I am not a happy person.

Here is something that's interesting, just to think about. I suffer from depression and take Prozac for it. Do I think the Prozac helps? Absolutely...I wouldn't take it every day if I didn't. HOWEVER, Prozac alone does not make me feel "good." I had to find my positive thing. When I say that I mean I suppose there are negative things that could make me feel good, IE drugs, alcohol, whatever. But my creativity, or expressing it really is my POSITIVE thing. I have emotional issues without my Prozac, things get very hard for me to do, getting out of bed is a struggle and so on. Without my creativity it's like another world. It's a world I can function in, but I'm not happy in. 

Here's something else to think about and it was something else I had to learn. You can live to make others happy...and don't get me wrong, I'm a pleaser and struggle repeatedly with how it effects me when those I love aren't happy; but what if you CAN'T make them happy, or if they move away, grow up, leave you...whatever?! Then what does that do to your "happiness?" I've learned that your happiness has to come from inside yourself.  Not from what society has said you need to be happy, not what your best friend said you should do to be happy, not what I say, your mother says, or even a therapist tells you. If they aren't telling you to find it inside yourself...good luck is all I have to say. There HAS  to be something in your life, inside of you, that no one can take  away from you, that is not dependant on anyone else, that is about you alone that you can find happiness in. That my friends, is what my creativity is about.

Am I saying you have to be "creative" to be happy? NO, I'm saying you have to find that something that does it for you. Something that you can look forward to on a bad day, that something you know is always there for YOU. I have been through some tough stuff in my short life people...and my creativity has carried me through. It has managed to give me a sense of accomplishment when I couldn't find it anywhere else. It has allowed me to find like minded friends, make lots of new friends, and even have (albeit small) a second income.

So go out there and find your thing people. It will rock your world!! I promise!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Brave Mothers and Daughters (and Fathers)

I've been taking the class Brave Mothers and Daughters from the Brave Girls Club (Melody Ross) and even though Hailey has moved to TX, it's still been fun. We did a lot of it before she left, and she is going to be here soon for Spring Break, so maybe we'll finish it up then. I have now got my WI parents interested in doing the projects with me too, which is going to be a blast...they aren't really "paper crafters" so I can't wait to see what they come up with. I told my stepmom to tell my dad that Mod Podge was just another kind of varnish!! I don't think he'll buy it, but it'll be fun just the same. I don't know when they will get started, but I'm sure once I start sending them stuff I made for them, they will get interested!!
Here's a picture of Hailey working on the Truth Rocks

I think the whole clay thing was her favortie part! You can barely see it in the picture, but those are our Truth Rocks in the oven (baking the clay to the glass marbles) and in the center of the cookie sheet if you look you can see the pink "frame." That's for her Treasure Box. I'm hoping to fill it up with more stuff for her in the future!
I like all the parts of the class, but making the Truth Rocks...actually, not making them, seeing them finished and being able to see those shiny glassy rocks with positive words of love on them, that's what's been my favorite so far!! They look like miniature works of art!! Thanks Melody Ross!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

As usual, I haven't been very good about blogging. Life just gets in the way!! Between working full time and attempting to get my act together on completing orders AND not always having Internet access....well the excuses abound! So all excuses aside, let me tell you what I've been doing lately.

You see the picture to the right. That's the cover to a table top calendar I did for my GA parents for Christmas this past year. Very very simple and inexpensive. I really do hope to get to a point that I'm posting tutorials and possibly videos...but for now, I guess you get what you get. LOL Now on to what I'm doing right now(ish).

I'm finishing up a calendar order that is way overdue. Sometimes I am a littler over ambitious and forget that I have to sleep and that sometimes my fibromyalgia has different plans for the way I spend my time. I am sooooo close to have this order done though and am excited about the way they are turning out (they are not the same design as the one pictured at the right.) I have three more orders to get done after that. A monthly planner, scrapbook layouts of a friend's vacation, and some name tags. I'm also taking some AMAZING classes.

About these classes. If I haven't mentioned it here before, if you are a crafter, especially a paper crafter that wants to stretch their wings and get out of there comfort zone now and then or just learn more about a technique you are already using, check out . All the classes are very reasonably priced and have down loadable PDF files so you can print out the handouts (if you're old school like me or have to go to the library to use the computer or whatever.) I have learned SOOOO much from the classes I've taken from them and they have a ton of different classes and a ton of different instructors. Right now I'm knee deep in an altered book class. Talk about being out of my comfort zone...tearing pages out of a book? writing in a book? using glue on the pages of a book? You get the point. But it's a blast and really gives me permission to just try techniques without it being so intimidating. I am LOVING this class!! I'm also doing "Designing with scraps" because heaven knows I have a few scraps of paper laying around!! AND "the Organized crafter" because God knows I have enough craft stuff to organize in my little bitty apartment/studio!!

Because I hate to be bored or at the very least idle for more than 5 minutes I'm also doing Brave Mothers and Daughters (check out ) with my daughter Hailey. First off, anything Melody Ross does is golden. It just is. She is an amazingly positive person who can show you how to be strong and see the positive in things and REMEMBER to see the positive in important in today's world!! The class is so much fun and even though Hailey and I are now having to do it long distance (she recently moved, like this past Wednesday recently, to TX) it's so much fun and really reminds us each why we love each other. And I even have my WI parents talked in to giving the class a go with me. I think nothing is more important than telling those special family members how important they are to you and why!!

So, as you can see...I'm up to my nose in Yes paste, mod podge, calendars and photos. Not a lot of sleep happening here, but I'm happy. What cracks me up, with all that I have on my plate right now, I can't help but say "ooohhhh I want to do that too!!" Someday I'll slow down a bit, but not yet. I've learned that while I suffer from depression (which is not to be taken lightly) and sometimes that "beast" (that's what I call it) does its best to paralyze me, I'm happiest when I'm creating. It's a learning process for reach for my brush and mod podge instead of doing self destructive things, but I'm working on it.

And lastly on a very personal note (feel free to stop reading now if you wish LOL) my husband and I have started couples counseling and while it makes me face some very difficult things I see it as a very positive thing. I'm learning things about myself that I'm doing that are self destructive and working to replace them with positive things (see above paragraph) and we're learning how to communicate more. Our therapist is fantastic and really sees things as they are. It's very helpful to have a non biased person tell us "hey, this is something you need to think about/do." For the first time in our relationship we are without kids living at home (another story) and one point she made in our last session was "go DO something FUN together!!" Don't get me wrong, we do things together, but we've been focused on kids for our entire 12+ yr relationship and now is the first time we only have to think about what to do with ourselves on a Friday night LOL. Of course me being the scrapbooker that I am, I'm sure there will be pages created in the future of the fun stuff we do. But that's for another post.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a very quick post

Actually this is more of a "test" than a true post. I want to see how easy/hard it is to post from my phone. I'm trying to get a feel for if this will work for quick posts and what have you. You'll have to be patient with me as I go through some "growing pains" in respect to my blogging. I am working at it, I promise you that!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Goodbye 2011, HELLO 2012

Anyone that knows me knows that 2011 was a tough year for me....oh my gosh what an understatement!! So many things changed and changed so quickly in 2011 that it took me a LONG time to get back to where I needed to be. The changes started in January and continued most of the year. Now in 2012 there are still going to be changes, but now they are on my terms and more in line with what I want for my life!!

What's in store for 2012?

I AM going to be more diligent about blogging. I'm just going to make myself sit down and do it, whether I get up earlier or go to bed later, write a quick post from my phone....regardless...I WILL WRITE.

I will be sharing more pictures of Snips of Time projects and maybe even a video now and then.

Snips of Time is going to be taken to a new level. I haven't decided on the platform least not completely, but I WILL open an online store this year and I WILL have my handmade items out there for sale!!

2011 was a painful year for me, and I've decided that 2012 is going to be my year of healing. Part of the healing is making Snips of Time work, because being creative heals me, and being a success in my own eyes will make me stronger. Last year I started Soul Restoration (check out to check it out) but failed to finish it due to the events in my life at the time. I am retaking it this year and will complete it!! I am also taking Brave Mothers and Daughters that is also from Brave Girls. I'm doing this with my daughter Hailey.

I have learned that my creativity sustains me and helps me through all the bad crap life throws this way. I work in retail, 5 days a week....people are UNHAPPY!! I don't want to be one of those people! I don't want to be one of the people walking around with a scowl on my face all the time. I want to be one of the people that are smiling no matter what life throws at I am making a consious EFFORT to bring happiness into my life. I truly believe happiness and joy are choices we make...I'm making the choice to be happy and full of joy!!

So, do I ask anything of you, my readers? YES!! I DO!! Leave comments, ask questions, challenge me. Of course you're welcome to place orders for the things I make as well (hint, hint!!)

In this blog in 2012 you'll see my creations, hear what I'm learning from Melody Ross in Soul Restoration and Brave Mothers and Daughters, see what my favorite sites are for getting inspired, and where my heart is in my life.

I've truly learned that life really is about the little things. Perfect SILLY example...I had to get a new phone as my old one bit the dust. So with the help of Christmas money I was able to "upgrade" a bit. I'm a gadget geek, so having bells and whistles on my phone, while not NECESSARY, brings me a little happiness LOL. Okay, so I have this phone that can access facebook and take pictures and video and I can even watch Netflix on it and read books on it. All really cool right? You know what I got the giddiest about (this is really silly) the $10 phone case I found for it. I had to get a case because I'm a klutz and drop everything all the time. $10 was the cheapest ones they had....and it's PINK and has FLOWERS on it and a PEACE's AWESOME!! See, life is full of little things that can make you happy!!

Yes, my screen shield is uber dirty...I was actually TALKING on my phone with my son who is in Washington LOL and I need to clean it LOL. So like I said, it can really be the little things :)