Monday, March 5, 2012

Brave Mothers and Daughters (and Fathers)

I've been taking the class Brave Mothers and Daughters from the Brave Girls Club (Melody Ross) and even though Hailey has moved to TX, it's still been fun. We did a lot of it before she left, and she is going to be here soon for Spring Break, so maybe we'll finish it up then. I have now got my WI parents interested in doing the projects with me too, which is going to be a blast...they aren't really "paper crafters" so I can't wait to see what they come up with. I told my stepmom to tell my dad that Mod Podge was just another kind of varnish!! I don't think he'll buy it, but it'll be fun just the same. I don't know when they will get started, but I'm sure once I start sending them stuff I made for them, they will get interested!!
Here's a picture of Hailey working on the Truth Rocks

I think the whole clay thing was her favortie part! You can barely see it in the picture, but those are our Truth Rocks in the oven (baking the clay to the glass marbles) and in the center of the cookie sheet if you look you can see the pink "frame." That's for her Treasure Box. I'm hoping to fill it up with more stuff for her in the future!
I like all the parts of the class, but making the Truth Rocks...actually, not making them, seeing them finished and being able to see those shiny glassy rocks with positive words of love on them, that's what's been my favorite so far!! They look like miniature works of art!! Thanks Melody Ross!!