Thursday, December 9, 2010

After a long "nap"

I have been gone for a bit. Not from everything, but from a few things as I'm trying to get done what needs to be done, and still fit a few "wanting to do" things as well.

This post isn't as much about what I'm "crafting" right now as what's in my heart. The Christmas season will do that to you :) My heart is so full that I just wanted to share.

Every year (usually about this time of year) I start to think about what's really important to me and what I want share with people about what's important to me. Everyone knows I'm a mad crafter and making things with my hands to share and give to others is important to me. I have always felt that it's giving more than a gift, it's giving a little bit of me.

This Christmas I'm buying very little. (In this economy, aren't we all trimming down our spending?!) I'm really trying to make as much as possible and even the small things are filled with lots of love and meaning.

As I get older, my "grateful" list is changing. Yes, I'm grateful for the "creature comforts" we all are, but I'm finding I'm even more grateful for the non-tangible things in my life. A perfect example is that I've recently "friended" a lot of creative people on my FaceBook account. Why? Because I'm so grateful for the inspiration they give me. Reading their FB posts puts me back in touch with my creative spirit when I've wondered away from it and I need that "snap" somedays to get me back to where I'm happiest.

Things are changing in our household. Jamie is getting more into his creative side. He's back to playing the guitar, to reading, to working on his pinstriping. That encourages me as well and I hope I encourage him :) I'm enjoying the silence more...which is tough with a houseful sometimes, so I find myself waking up in the middle of the night to create. That's not a bad thing, just something that brings me happiness in the very hectic season!! And we're starting to get ready for Bodhi's move to the west many mixed emotions with that!!

I'm slowly but surely getting more organized (though you can't tell that from this post LOL as it's ALL over the place!) and that feels good. I'm getting better at dedicating time to things and sticking to that. I'm learning that turning the TV off (though I've preached it for years) really does make you more productive. I'm learning that sometimes silence is my muse.

Now I must get back to some productive finishing card orders and getting some Christmas presents finished!!