Monday, June 28, 2010

What makes me happy

I'm learning every day what truly makes me happy. Don't laugh...I'm 40 but to me life is a continuous journey and what makes you happy at 20 doesn't necessarily work at 40 (I'm remembering a life at UGA in my early 20's....while the idea of learning still makes me happy, all the partying just makes me TIRED LOL!!)

Oh don't worry, I'm not going through a mid life crisis or anything as dramatic as's more a walk through the closet of my life and taking an inventory. Once again, this isn't a mid life crisis type of thing where I'm getting rid of my "mom car" and getting a hot rod or wishing that my life was more exciting or that my husband had more hair LOL!! It's going through the closet of my life and seeing what I've got in there, and what I want with the things I've found.

The irony of this is that I find a lot of stuff there that makes me happy and always has...being creative is a big one. If I went through the actual closet that store most of my "stuff" I will find things that show I was always interested in being creative. I have cross-stitch things (books, patterns, floss, and other supplies) in my closet as well as lots of other crafting supplies I've accumulated through the years. CREATING makes me HAPPY. I'm glad that's a part of my life that has never changed. I even cross stitched while I was in college :)

Why am I babbling on about this? Well my son left for his 30 day visitation at his dad's this past Friday...that does NOT make me happy. While I struggle with him, as he's 13 and can be a challenge right now, him being away is not a solution for me. Not to mention his dad lives across the country from me so it's not like I can just jump in my car and go get him. My son is a "mamma's boy" and my only biological child. It's always tough for me to watch him get on that plane!!

As my babbling continues...Lillian (almost one of my kids *big smile*) and Hailey (my other kid) made mini albums to slip into Bodhi's suitcase for him to find when he arrived in Washington state. (I'm now realizing I wasn't smart enough to take pictures of those very sweet creations...Lillian is 7 and Hailey is 12.) Anyway, last night I finished the mini album I was making for Bodhi so I could mail it today. I realized that while my heart is so sad because he's so far away, at the same time I felt good...because I was CREATING.

Wow, that's a lot of babbling just to say that crafting makes me happy LOL!! I guess I wanted to tell you the whole story as I didn't think it would have the same impact if you didn't know I was missing my son. Hey, I'm a scrapbooker, not a writer LOL!!

I will post pictures of my mini book and of the card Hailey made for Bodhi last night soon. My Internet has been giving me fits lately (lots of storms in our area) so uploading photos has been a challenge!!

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