Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Working my way toward my goal

Well, obviously I'm NOT blogging once a week LOL, though this might get a wee bit easier since Jamie has gotten his own computer and we don't have to "share" so much. It seemed that I always was inspired to "write" when he wanted to get online...or that was a good excuse my mind put up for me :)

I still intend to work on blogging once a week, just need to find my rhythm I guess.

About living creatively. I'm working on that too. I have gotten better about finding ways to be creative in everything. I have found ways to be creative at work (poor Steve) which means I think the wall in my photo lab looks awesome!! I'm getting better about carving out creative time at home too....it's all a work in progress I'm learning.

The toughest part of the things I'm working toward, is living in the truths my Truthteller gives me (tells me.) The reason I say this is the toughest is I struggle with a lot of self-negativism (is that a word?!!) and just a lot of negative self-talk, which is why I'm working toward living in the truth that my Truthteller gives me!

I think this spins into why I struggle to blog sometimes. I don't want to get on here and be a negative Nancy...I'm really not a negative person, though sometimes I stuggle with how I feel about myself or my own capabilities.

Okay, enough seriousness...check out this cutie-patotie card I made....had to tell a friend I was missing her...

Isn't it just the cutiest ever?!! I made it using my cricut Create-a-Critter cartridge and Punnylious stamps from My Pink Stamper. I think she looks so sweet!!