Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time gets away from me

I really think the name of my blog should be "and time gets away from me again." I mean really!!! Okay, I'm done with school for this quarter (was on the 19th) and am gearing up for next quarter (January 11th.)

I didn't really make Christmas cards this year. I was exhausted when I was done with school and work both. I did make 13 cards for work, assembly line style, very simple for my co-workers. Now I'm doing a few New Year's cards to try out some new techniques to take with me up to my dad's for New Year's. One for my dad and Sue, one for Aunt Kathy and Uncle Rick, one for Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike and one for Grandpa and Grandma...hope they all can make it.

I haven't had time or energy to just be creative. These four little cards I'm making for New Year's are really for me. I mean I'm giving them away, but they are for me to be able to play a bit. I've fallen in LOVE with one of my Ranger embossing powders. It's a clear embossing powder that has GLITTER in it. It looks amazing to make snowflakes with...subtle but elegant (kind of .)

I also just got the latest stamps by Michael Strong...AMAZING of course!! They are paisley and I can't wait to use them!! I'm thinking maybe a birthday card soon.

Oh, and as I'm wrapping this brief little entry, I have to tell you that while I'm not a big TV watcher, I'm in LOVE...L-O-V-E with Glee!! I'm a total Gleek, have downloaded both season 1 CDs to my Ipod, have downloaded all season 1 episodes to my Itunes account as well...watching them on them!! It is totally my "happy" show. Every episode makes me smile!!

Got to run now, time for the kids to call their Grandma and say thank you for the books she sent them!!