Monday, August 16, 2010

Some projects I've done

Here are two cards I made using my Cricut Expression and the Wild Card cartridge. I still like making cards my "old" way, but this is fun too. It gives me more options and I like that.
The clipboard is for a friend of mine and I used vinyl to decorate it (after I painted it pink of course.) I'm going to do a mini scrapbook page about the kitties for her.
My next project is a birthday cake made out of paper for to follow. It's a two layer cake (lots of cuts with the Cricut) and hopefully it will turn out really cool. The neat thing is that each "slice of cake" can hold a small gift, so we'll be filling it up with candy and little goodies and some gift's his 18th birthday. All the cake slices are cut and assembled, now I just need to put them on the cake board and put on all the icing and decorations.
THEN, because I can never be without another project to work on LOL, I am going to do a small window (kind of like the window in my previous post, but smaller) for my grandparents. My grandma is in a nursing home and doesn't have a lot of personal things in her room, so hopefully I can get the window painted tomorrow and then work on the pictures and embellishments so that it's all ready for when we leave on Friday to go up North. We'll get to see them on Sunday. I can't wait. I love giving unusual gifts and especially handmade things!!

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