Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Okay, new addiction...well not really new, but just bigger. I'm totally addicted to all the incredibly creative things my Cricut Expression can do. (And NO I don't get paid by Provo Craft!!)

Here is a birthday cake my daughter Hailey and I are working on for her brother Ashton. He'll turn 18 on the 29th of this month and we've been cutting and gluing and assembling for a while now. It takes a while for a 12 yr old to cut all 20 cake pieces, score them, fold them, and then glue them...especially when her favorite TV shows are on LOL :)
Anyway, Hailey used my Cricut (Tags Bags Boxes and More cartridge) to cut 20 cake pieces and she put each one together. Then I glued the "bottom layer" to the cake board (I bought that at Walmart in a multipack...not very expensive.)
Then I cut the "frosting" layer for the middle (which I don't think you can even see) and then the frosting from the top. I then decorated it with his name and all that "jazz." I also cut scallops to use as icing around the outside of the cake on both layers, kind of like the icing is dripping out and over. I can't put those on until after we put the goodies in each cake slice or we won't be able to open them. We're putting things in the slices like candy, happy birthday wishes, and gift cards.

We will give it to him in an actual cake box, also purchased as Walmart for only $2. I think it's a fun way to give something different birthday gift. Especially right now when none of us have a lot of money, but as a crafter, I have TONS of paper (LOL!!) I know it may not be Ashton's favorite gift for his 18th birthday, but he will know that we love him and were thinking about him. He is also a very talented artist so he'll appreciate the time and effort that went into make it.

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