Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a fun layout

This is nothing extraordinary in the technique department, it was just a fun layout. I think the colors were my favorite part...I've been in a pink "phase" for quite a while now. Which, is really funny if you know me, I'm really not a girly girl at all. Anyway...the colors in the papers made me HAPPY so I like looking at the layout. Does that make any sense at all?

This part is actually the right hand side of the layout. I love the paper...and if you ask me who it's by, I've already forgotten...I'm so not a "name brand" person. SORRY!! But I do know it came in my Memory Works Express box!! Hope that helps. :) Anyway, I was just enjoying the colors and the "happy" feelings from the paper and the picture and I HAD to use this cool acrylic word from My Acrylic Albums. I colored it with Ranger Alcohol Inks (meadow.) I thought it just look cool together. And look at this picture...look at the smiles...doesn't it just make you feel good?! It does me. We need more of this in our lives...happy pictures...happy feelings...happy thoughts!!

And look at these smiling faces!! This whole layout is just happy, smiley people!! Sorry, that's the lyrics from an REM song...but that's how it makes me feel!! So I hope you look at this layout and feel the same way!! Smiley and HAPPY!!!

So, go have some fun, go smile at someone and be HAPPY!!

Don't forget to be creative!!
God Bless,

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