Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrapping space

I don't know if you need the "perfect" place to be creative, but I do need almost perfection in my surroundings to feel the creativity flow. So, I have once again rearranged my area and in doing so now have only taken over one wall of the living room. My desk now faces a window (can't ask for anything better than natural light!!) and I think it makes the whole deal more appealing. I've also created my own "clip it up" to hold a lot of my embellishments so that I can see what I have and don't NOT use something because I forget I have it. I know NO ONE is guilty of ever doing that.

I love all the natural light, when I open the front door it's even better. I really do have everything almost at my finger tips and it's more efficient. Even my husband is a little happier with it. It seemed to open the living room up a bit more.

There's all my ribbon and paper. The ribbon is just on a cheapy curtain rod attached to the shelf. I highly recommend those paper keepers from Cropper Hopper.

My homemade "clip it up" is just another cheapy curtain rod that I used cup hooks to attach to the shelf and then used cheapy shower curtain hooks to hook up the embellishments. I LOVE it. I put the stuff I use most on there and basically anything that had a hook on it. In the other picture you can see I have clear shoe boxes with other embellishments in them. I like that as I can kind of see what I have in there.

I have also labeled the "crap" out of everything. That way all I have to do is look at the spine of the book or binder and I know immediately what's in it. I love it!!! I have all my Micheal Strong stamps in one binder, and so on.

Well enough about all that. I'm off to finish my 34 pages by the 6th. I better get on it!!

God bless,
and PLEASE go do something creative!!



Dalon said...

thanks so much for sharing photos or your creative space - I share an office space with hubby and kids and can't exactly make it all mine (although I try) - your ideas get my creative juices flowing! LOVE the shelves so you can see everything!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks good =}
I guess I've been loosing my creativity here lately.... I had to sell my Cricut, and there is NOBODY and NO activities around my area!! I guess my hobby is getting lonely/boring and it's not keeping my interest, lol.