Sunday, March 15, 2009

Checking in

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still around. It has taken me a bit (understatement) longer to get things organized than I anticipated. But I am working very diligently to get things done tonight as I got a phone call for an order for a scrapbook that's due in a WEEK!! So tonight I'm knocking myself out in the organizational department and WILL have it all done!! I'll be posting pictures SOON. (Tomorrow maybe even.) I like how it's coming together too. I can be kind of crazy when it comes to having things organized so while it can be a slow process, everything will have a place.

I am excited about this project and I also have another project (an address book) for a dear friend that I REALLY need to get working on as well. My only excuse for that one is that I just recently got the supplies needed to put it together. For what it's worth, I did go to Archiver's today and pick up some bling and flowers and adhesive I needed/wanted for the project as well. So I have NOT forgotten about you Christina!!

I'm not going to spend anymore time on here as there is a lot of stuff for me to get done and I'm not getting it done writing this. So, hopefully the next post will at least have a post of the "uber organized scrapbooking area!!!"

God bless, and thanks for reading!!

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