Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crop Out Autism Franklin April

Okay, I blew it. I didn't blog AT ALL about the event in April . I should be beaten with a wet blogging noodle or SOMETHING. But the event was a success and we raised OVER $500 for the Johnson County Autism Support Group. I'll add some pictures to this post to show you how much fun we had:)

We also made some decisions about the event. As you know, this was only the second time Lisa and I put this event on. We're new at this and just learning how to plan and organize events. So last year we did it in September and did okay. We wanted to move the event to April this year to go with Autism awareness month. We've now decided that doing it in April makes it more difficult as with the weather finally turning nice and spring like after winter, people don't want to be indoors and have a lot of outdoor commitments to things like baseball, soccer and things like that. So we have decided to go BACK to the September date. So we have decided that the crop will OFFICIALLY be the last Saturday in September from now on.
With that decision came the discussion of "do we do it again this year or do we wait 18 months and do it next year?" With the help of a brilliant friend we decided to do it again this year to that there is no chance of people forgetting about the event and we'll be at it again Saturday, September 25th.

So with all that being said, enjoy the attached pictures from April's crop and start looking for other blog posts telling you ALL ABOUT the upcoming Crop Out Autism Franklin event in September.

This is Julie, she was our "Queen of the Crop" as she was the first to arrive and the last to leave. We'll have a new Queen next event and some other categories and maybe a Princess or two as well.
This is Barbara and the FIRST time she ever scrapbooked!! I think we might have given her the scrapbooking fever so many of us suffer from!!
Please subscribe and check back often!! I promise (as I have so often done) to be better about blogging!!

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Julie said...

Seriously, if you are a scrapbooker or in the least bit curious about it, come to this event. Leigh Ann puts on a spectacular day ... better than most retail stores' crops and on par with professional organizers who organize these things as a career.