Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Questions for YOU

I have some questions for you today. I really want to hear (read) your answers, so please feel free to leave many comments!!!

Okay, I'm a card maker and a scrapbooker. While my "studio" is in the living room amidst the hub-bub of my family life; I've found a way to kind of "close the door" when I need solitude to create or for a break. I scrapbook and make cards 90% of the time while "attached" to my Ipod. I also don't just use regular headphones, or ear buds, I use the ones that go inside your ears like ear PLUGS so whatever I'm listening to is all I can hear. -----I've been known to miss phone calls and be startled by someone walking up behind me talking to me LOL!!

I typically listen to my favorite podcast (especially DIVA CRAFT LOUNGE) or audio books. Sometimes it's very upbeat music. I have to be careful with the music though, I like to sing along and that tends to irritate the other people in the room!!

So here are my questions to YOU!!
  • How do you "close the door" and if you do WHY, and if you don't WHY NOT?
  • Is there anything you ALWAYS do while you are creating?
  • If you don't have a designated crafting room with a door to close, would you like one and why? Is it to be able to close the door or just a designated place to store you things and to be able to leave your projects out?
  • Is solitude important to your creativity?
  • Would you rather craft alone or with others?

Okay, that's all the questions for today...oh, do you want MY answers? Next blog, so this doesn't get too long. Just know that I'm creating everyday and am a better person for it.

So until next time...keep creating, go make something, go play with your supplies and



Hetty said...

Hello Leigh Ann,
I have such a mess in my room, that from starting to clear it, I get inspiration to make things. Sometimes I listen to the radio and if I do not have any inspiration at all, I go to my pc and surf on the web!

Anonymous said...

I am usually alone in my living room. I turn off the TV and usually sit in the floor.
My dad is giving me a desk, and I recently bought some containers to store things and be more organized. But it's gonna be in my living room too!
I would love an extra room for my stuff. I guess to keep it separate from the other stuff and to be able to lock myself in, lol.