Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My answers to you from my previous post

I hope I'm not boring you with all the posting. But, I'm off of work with my son being sick and that means computer time I don't usually get. I guess I'm trying to get all the stuff out here that I can before I go back to work tomorrow and lose my computer time LOL. Can't wait until I get my new laptop!!!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

How do you "close the door" and if you do WHY, and if you don't, why NOT?
Okay, sometimes I "close the door" and sometimes I don't. You already read in my last post how I close it when I do. Sometimes I need the "door closed" as I am using my crafting as "therapy." Sometimes that time is "my time" and sometimes I'm just plain crabby and it having that "door closed" keeps me from taking out my mood on others. There ARE times that I don't feel the need to "close the door." Lots of times I don't listen to my Ipod and enjoy the conversations that are going on around me. I often have a friend over to scrapbook and then we are chatting away and listening to the radio. My daughter is often busy at the extra table we set up in the living room for crafting as well and then we are comparing what we're working on (and she's borrowing my stuff....which is a topic for a whole different blog!! LOL!!)

Is there anything you ALWAYS do while you are creating?
Okay, this is strange, but I ALWAYS have a drink in my drink holder for one. It's usually Mt Dew or a white tea mix (the kind that you mix with a bottle of water) or coffee (cappachino) from the gas station. It's funny but I don't drink a lot of fluids normally...none of that 8 glasses of water for me, but when I'm at my craft table I drink like a fish---good think no alcohol is involved!! I also like to snack when I craft, but I have been trying to break that habit as I've been trying to lose a little weight:) And another thing, though not a complete always, is there is usually an audio book playing in my ear or a podcast...but that's only when I'm crafting alone. OH and there is this one, and it IS an ALWAYS...I get MESSY!!! If I'm inking, it's all over me, if I'm using acrylic paints, it's all over me, if I'm using liquid glue, it's all over me....you get the picture!! LOL!!

If you don't have a designated crafting room with a door to close, would you like one? WHY?
Yes I would like a designated crafting room with a door. BUT I have basically had that before and my requirements for that has changed after having my first one. I'd like it to be very close to the center of the activity in my home, so now right off the living room (my daughter's room would be perfect.) I like the door so that those time that I need the solitude I could have it with a closed door (people are less likely to bother you if they have to go through a door.) I would like to have a designated room for the space as well. It's hard to not make the living room look like a craft room when I have taken over a corner of it, and it's hard not to make my craft corner look like a living room....know what I mean? I like organization and I would love to be able to organize a whole room to fit with my crafting style and be able to "decorate" it to inspire my creativity further.

Is solitude important to your creativity?
Absolutely!! But, with that being said, it doesn't mean that I need solitude to create. I find times of silence and solitude and a lot of those times feed my creativity. I spend time alone quietly reading in my bedroom and that feeds it (usually one of my many magazines or idea books.) I sometimes get up early in the morning before anyone else so I can sit in the quiet and think. I can physically create with chaos around me, but sometimes I need the solitude to think through the creative process. And sometimes my solitude isn't being totally alone or in the total quiet, but being without my family and friends. Weather permitting I like to walk and listen to the birds and look at the trees and flowers. I have pictures of flowers, squirrels, birds and the like I never intend to scrapbook (unless I do a layout about my creativity LOL) but that I like to just LOOK at because they remind me how incredibly creative God is and how beautiful the world can be. (Great, I just had a fantastic idea for a mini book for all those pictures to keep on my desk...ANOTHER PROJECT!!!)

I hope my answers gave you a bit of an insight into me. I believe the creative process is an incredibly personal thing. The process can be so different for everyone and there is no wrong way to get your creative juices flowing. Find what does it for you and USE that to the fullest. I know that if I'm stumped and I'm on a deadline, all I have to do is pick up one of my magazines and that's it, I'm back in the game. Find your muse and use her!!

God created you, so go create something!!
God Bless,


Snips of Time said...

Totally forgot to answer the question about crafting with others or alone. I like both. I love crafting with my friends when I'm just working on projects without a dead line. When I have a dead line to meet I like to work alone. Of course there is the "mood" factor and sometimes I just like company in general and sometimes I just don't....you know sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I forgot to answer that too! I like to craft with others. But every now and then, I'm just in a mood to be alone.