Friday, February 20, 2009


Hello to everyone out there. I know some of you have been wondering what's been up with me that I've been gone for so long. Well, unfortunately, LIFE happened. Most of you know that my step-father fell and broke his hip last month and it was a harrowing experience for all of us. He dealt with a lot of obstacles in his getting out of the hospital.

His first hurdle was that he takes blood thinners, namely Comidin and Plavix. So while he broke his hip on a Friday night, he wasn't able to have surgery until the following Wednesday!! He lay in a hospital bed all that time in traction!! That led to the next problem..."hospital psychosis" which is a condition, more prevalent in the elderly, where they get delusional and basically get a bit "crazy." In all honesty, I think this was harder on my mother than him. He remembers almost none of it. My mom remembers it all vividly.

Then came the surgery, more crazy stuff with the "hospital psychosis" and then off to two weeks of rehab. He did really well in rehab and came home Friday the 13th of February. I arrived in Augusta on Thursday the 12th and was ready for his homecoming. He has continued all the physical therapy and occupational therapy that was started in rehab. This picture was taken just two days after his discharge from the rehab facility!! So, for all those that prayed for him....THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH AND PLEASE DON'T STOP!! He still has long way to go, but you should see him trucking with his walker from bedroom to family room. It's absolutely amazing!!

And here is a picture of all the cards from everyone. Thank you so much to all of you for all the cards you sent and all the well wishes and prayer. I know that it made a big difference to him and I know to how he felt. I cannot say thank you enough. There really aren't words to express it. He was absolutely amazed at the work that went into the handmade cards and the fact that all these people who don't know him would bother to send him a card...and some from overseas!!!

I don't know if I will say my life will be back to "normal" shortly...I hesitate to call my life normal at ANY time, but I should be back in my more creative mode if nothing else. I am really ready to get back at my desk and CREATE something...get my hands dirty with some ink and some glue...just get back to it. I have missed my creative "mojo" and I hope at least that is back soon.

So to all that missed me, I'm back. I should be back more regularly too. Still looking for comments!! Let me hear from you ALWAYS!!

Now go be creative!!

God Bless,

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Dalon said...

welcome back!!!! we have missed you! (yea, I'm one of those that lives vicariously through others blogs - ha!!) so glad to hear that your step-father is doing better - that's a lot of change in such a short time!! I hope you're able to get crafty soon - it's such a healthy part of our beings to use the creative side of our brains :-) I'll be thinking of you!